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Selva Nilayam

Situated at  58, Dr Ambedkar Salai at Oupalam (Pondicherry 605 001 INDIA ).

  1. Introduction
  2. Mid-day meals
  3. Amaidi Illam
  4. Kitchen
  5. Health programme


 This center was set up in 1982 and houses the following activities : a big dining space for children downstairs and compnth rooms and offices upstairs.

 The evening classes for the children take place there; they are very important because they are the best way to make sure that their homework is done. It's important because the children are at the age were they are the most receptive to all the principles they are taught, such as hygiene, prevention for some diseases, and all the problems which concern their environment (alcoholism, violence, debt, etc...).

 In 1991 all the classrooms are completely packed, as well as the stair case, the kitchen and the rest of the building.

Volontariat decides to build a new centre:

the SHAKTI VIHAR centre which will be dedicated to education.


 One important daily activity is lunch for the all the children. All lot of care is taken to make sure that the meals are well balanced without breaking up with the traditions.


 Since year 2000, a new center has been created for the destitute old and handicaped people. That is the birth of Amaidi Illam (peace and quiet house).

 The need and necessity for starting an Old Age Home in this modern area where the family institution has taken a different shape, leaving the aged people deserted and uncared is well known. Disability, health complaints and other constituting factors of ageing further makes the life miserable for the poor aged people.

 Our Amaidi Illam (Home of peace) tries to give care and love, which is the need for the old aged people during their last stage of their life.

 We have 24 rooms to accomodate the inmates individually with attached toilet and bathroom. Preference for the inmates choice is given to those who are most deserving and are identified by our social workers.

 One doctor or some medical staff members are present at any moment to answer health problems of the inmates.


 Our kitchen provides a balanced diet and employs 10 persons.


 The medical section includes a dispensary where elderly people - among others - come in order to be healed.

 Being involved in a by-pass heart operation programme, the Volontariat also provides a consulting-room for benevolent doctors who come regularly and examine children whose condition might need surgery. Besides, we also receive eye, tooth,... specialtists.