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Toutipakkam Farm

 Cultivation in the farm of Volontariat was started in the year 1968. At that time it had only 9 acres of land in addition to 8 acres of Government land taken on lease. There always remained a question about a farm at Toutipakkam 20 kms away when the entire activities of Volontariat were centered around Oupalam and Dubrayapeth . However the Government requested our participation in the "Green Revolution" by utilising our land fully.

 The soil of the farm contained lime and alkaline. The water table was below 600 ft. No small or marginal farmers nearby had the resources to invest in tube wells or the confidence to make the land more fertile. It is at this stage that Volontariat came into the picture with a strong goal to make the land green and to encourage the nearby small farmers by providing them water.

 To begin with, Volontariat dug two borewells to irrigate its own land as well as to cater to the needs of the nearby farmers. As years passed, sensing the potentiality of the area Volontariat expanded its farm, acquiring land which would otherwise be taken by industries..

 The major crops cultivated during the year 1999 are Paddy, Casurinas, Groundnut, Tapioca, Banana etc., The medicinal and ornamental plants were collected and grown in a small area. A dairy unit and a poultry unit have also been set up.


The major part of the production is utilised for the mid-day meal programme at Oupalam.

This crop utilises nearly 25 acres of TTK farm. 2 acres of casurina (small trees which grow in some small pockets, due to high salinity) are four and half years old and ready for marketing.
The usual process of work like weeding, manuring, watering, etc., is done.

Groundnut is sown as inter-crop in tapioca and banana.

Coconuts were harvested. The Keethu was knitted and used for our poultry shed roof renovation.
143 kg of tapioca was sold as vegetable and the remaining has to be sold for flour.
The livestock of the farm includes one cow, two calves and two bulls. The milk is sent for the children's programme in Oupalam.

This unit was set up in 1994.

Jam is prepared out of the ripe mangoes, which is used for our crèche and K.G. children.
A small-scale garden with medicinal plants is mainly made for educational purposes of the children during holidays camps. We plan to develop this important aspect of revitalizing traditional science to benefit everybody.

The farm provides recreation to the children, through its small swimming pool, play ground and garden.

Every year, the summer camp for the children is organized at the farm with the cooperation of the farm workers.


A dry and arid piece of land

became an oasis.