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 Madeleine Herman, from Liège in Belgium , is a social worker. After her studies, despite health problems, she decided to spend a year in a poor country. She chose to go to Pondicherry, previously a French colony, South India.

 She got married to Arnaud De Blic who came to India for his military service.

 For a few months, she worked in a maternity hospital called "Les soeurs de Cluny".

 At the same time she was trying to find a way to be even more helpful. With the collaboration of young Indians from Pondicherry she tried to help people in the poorest areas. All she had was her bicycle with some medicine in her luggage-carrier. Everywhere she went, Madeleine found misery and physical suffering.

 She was very affected by the immense poverty of the inhabitants of a southern slum, Oupalam. It was in Oupalam that her group decided to stop and help these very poor people. Soon some volunteers from France and other countries come to assist them.
 There were many problems and they were all serious, but the permanent contact between Madeleine’s group and these Indians enabled a relationship based on trust and friendship which was long-lasting.
 The first activities were : the people’s dispensary, the distribution of milk to the children to fight malnutrition, and helping the adults look for regular jobs.
 To help all these activities Madeleine created an Organization in her Belgian city: Liège, which for years sent condensed milk, medicine etc.