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 Volontariat was registered as a Social Work Organisation in 1966. An Executive Committee of honorary members was constituted with a president, a treasurer, a secretary and members. Madeleine De Blic was the first general secretary, and continues in that position.

The first president was Pandit Bhatt who is now a Patron of Volontariat.

That executive committee appoints social workers and others to do the work of Volontariat. From the beginning. a large number of people have helped, too many to be mentioned by name, with the various activities and programmes.

The most important members of the present team & and their major responsibilities:

  • Veeramani, Accounts, and overall management.
  • Amul, Sponsorship and Education.
  • Sendil Kumar, Social work, Vocational Training course in Carpentry.
  • Suganthi, Crèche, KG classes.
  • Ramadasse and Kumaran, Management of Weaving Centre.
  • Thirumal Murugan, Organic farming.