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 During the months of april and may, the schools had summer holidays, The Touttipakam farm recieved hundreds of children from Volontariat and other organisations like "Reaching Unreached" or "Infant India". There were 4 camps, each of one week, well organised by all our staff.

 Volontariat was on holiday for the second fortnight of may, but it was not really true for the staff who had to prepare for the beginning of the school in june (delayed by 10 days in Pondicherry due to the heat). They recieved thousands of notebooks, books and other educational materials, they provided uniforms (compulsory in indian schools) and bags; they arranged for admission for 30 children of Volontariat in boarding schools, situated far from Pondicherry; they prepared the admissions in the creche and kindergarten, demanding a rigourous study of the requests, enquiries and choices, always difficult; they selected teachers for the different evening classes. It was not really a summer of tranquility and idleness under the shade, but actually a taxing one.

 In march 2000, 2 houses for old age were inaugurated :

  • Amaidi Illam behind Selva Nilayam centre at Oupalam where old aged and physically handicaped persons are housed
  • Tendral Illam, near Atelier Shanti at Dubrayapeth, where old aged, resourceless, cured from leprosy, are housed.