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  Heart Surgery
  1. Volontariat health care services
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Volontariat Health Care Services

2000 families i.e. 10000 people are covered in the health care programme of Volontariat.

  • Prevention of disease and promotion of health have priority
  • Proper treatment and immediate referral to medical centres is done where necessary. Among the ongoing projects, cardiac surgery which began in 1995 is an important one.

 It is reported that 1% of Indian population have cardiac anomalies which can be permanently corrected by simple surgical interventions. The cost of each cardiac surgery amounts to US$ 3 000.

15 children have already been successfully operated upon with the help of Volontariat in Sri Ramchandra Medical College of Madras (Chennai) by Dr BALAKRISHNAN.

All of them are enjoying good health and no complications have come up after the operation.

5 good reasons to help this project in Volontariat :
  1. There is a long list of children born in poor families with congenital heart problems crying for help.
  2. In India the surgical costs a tenth of the rates in France or USA, etc. SO WITH THE SAME AMOUNT 10 TIMES THE NUMBER OF CHILDREN CAN BE HELPED
  3. By helping the cardiac programme you SAVE A LIFE
  4. If child mortality is covered, people will opt for smaller families.

 VELMURUGAN is 17 years old. 10 years ago, his heart was damaged by a rheumatic disease : one of the valves was nearly destroyed. He had to take regular medicine to prevent bacteriological infection in spite of this, VELMURUGAN suffers from regular pulmonary infections. His heart rhythm is irregular, and the young man was out of breath even doing routine tasks.

In January 1999, the valve was changed. VELMURUGAN's heart works normally now.

This operation has cost Rs 119 950 (which corresponds to 2860 euros or 3500 $).

 DELPHIN was 6 months old when the doctor in Pondicherry sent her to Volontariat so that she could be operated in Chennai.

When DELPHIN's mother was pregnant, the baby's heart didn't develop in the right way : the big vessels are connected with the wrong heart's cavities between which holes persist. Because of this, DELPHIN's blood is not correctly oxygenated, and she suffers from frequent pulmonary infections.

 When she reaches Chennai, she is in a very bad condition; the cyanosis (blue color of skin and lips due to poor oxygenated blood) is important.

 The reanimation is done, and the little baby is operated in emergency. A small synthetic tube is placed between two vessels near the heart, and with this, a new circulation is created to have more oxygenated blood.

 A difficult phase has been achieved, but DELPHIN will have to undergo a new intervention in order to restore the correct blood circulation in her heart.

 ALAMELU is 5 years old when she goes back to SRMC to undergo a second heart operation. She has the same heart disease as DELPHIN, and because of this, ALAMELU is very quickly out of breath when she plays with her friends. It is difficult for a young girl full of life.
 The first intervention, when ALAMELU was 3 years old allowed a light amelioration. In august 1997, the second operation was done.

  Today ALAMELU is 8 years old and is well and active.

All these children were born in poor socio-economic families ;

without financial help from Volontariat they couldn't have survived.


Volontariat, in its premises, has recently organised for a free Cardiology consultancy camp with the help of a team of doctors headed by Prof. Balakrishnan, specialists in children heart surgery, of Sri Ramachandra Medical College,Chennai, India. The paediatrists of Pondicherry, who were informed about this event, sent us 56 children. Among these, 26 children were found to be operated within 6 months maximum, among these cases, FOUR children (whose details are given below) are our priority as they are to be operated urgently. The socio economic situation of the parents of these children is extremely poor as they are simply day workers earning less than Rs.60 a day or 1 $ or 9 euros when they get the work. The indian governement grants 10% as a participation on the total cost required for surgery. On our effort we have pull down the total cost as the physicians who are going to do the surgery do not even want to be honoured for their voluntary work. So, the each surgery costing around Rs.1,25,000 or 3000 $ or 2970 Euros. for the medicine and hospital expenses only.

If you want to help to save the life of these following children, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our email address:

Name : RAGURAMAN - 5 months old - (Boy)

Diagnosis : TGA ASD/valvar PS./

R- Lt.Shunt Situs Solitus Atrialis

Treatment : Arterial Switch Wit

Amount estimated for the surgery : Rs.1,25,000

Approx..: 2800 $ or 2970 euros

Name : BHAGAYALAKSHMI - 6 yrs. (Girl)

Diagnosis : Large VSD / Valvar PS

Treatment : Surgical Correction.

Amount estimated for the surgery : Rs.1,25,000

Approx..: 2800 $ or 2970 euros

Name : PRAKASH - 1 yr. (Boy)

Diagnosis : ASD/VSD/PH/CHD/ Down's syndrome septal defect IHD

Treatment : Surgical repair

Amount estimated for the surgery Rs.1,25,000

Approx..: 2800 $ or 2970 euros

Name :PRASANNAN - 9 yrs (Boy)

Diagnosis : Large Subaortic, VSD PHT

L --> R Shunt/CHD/TGA

Treatment : Catheterisation

Amount estimated for the surgery : Rs.1,50,000

Approx..: 3330 $ - 3570 euros