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Volontariat helps people in many ways

but its main concern is looking after children: health, nutrition, schooling.

 More than 1200 children are helped by Volontariat. The ambition of Volontariat is to take care of these children from the moment they arrive in the nursery or kindergarten until they learn a trade. That is why it demands energy and time and needs continuous financing, Volontariat created the sponsoring system in order to be able to assure this long-lasting financing.

 The programme of Sponsorship of children by friends from Belgium and France aims at assisting children from economically weaker sections to pursue school education. This programme now reaches around 800 children.

 The decision to accept a child for sponsorship is taken after due inquiries carried out by a qualified social worker based on the economic and social situation of the family.

Sponsorship activities :

 Letters are exchanged between sponsors and foster children. The sponsored children receive educational help in the form of notebooks and uniforms, one meal a day, a glass of milk every evening before starting their evening school and medical help. In some cases, Volontariat also identifies children who are orphans or from single parent families and arranges to place them in boarding schools outside Pondicherry . Volontariat also provides bicycles to sponsored students, who live far away form their school.

The evening school acts as homework help centre . Volontariat uses the services of part-time teachers in the evenings.

 In order to give opportunities to children to develop talents in extra curricular activities, some classes have been started. Classes in yoga, classical dance (bharata natiyam), sculpture, drawing & painting, handicraft, karate, vocal and musical classes like flute, guitar, keyboard, tabla and band have been started with specialized teachers.


This class is being conducted since 1991 and many of the children mastered the art. One of the boys has won the championship award in International Yoga Festival/competition held in January 2000.

This class has started in 1991. They have been participating in the cultural programme organized in Volontariat during festivals and celebrations.

SCULPTURE There are a few boys who have been granted for scholarships by the Central Government.


 Volontariat also organises holiday camps and other programmes for children. Groups of 40 to 50 children gather every summer for a week of camping . Their activities include drama, art, debating and music. There is a provision for them to learn manual skills. The children enjoy the experience immensely.

Mid-day meal :

  One of the major activities is the mid-day meal for all the sponsored children. The meal is prepared by a group of women from Oupalam, who have been trained. Special care is taken to provide a balanced diet with attention to cultural preferences. There is a variety in the meals : each day one extra dish of fish, meat, eggs, fruits or ragi is included. Tofu which is made from Soya and the algae Spirulina rich in nutrition are given regularly. Salad is served every day.

 When a person decides to sponsor a child, he must commit himself for a long period. The amount of money asked is quite modest, it starts at 15 US$ (Rs 600 / 14 euros) per month which you can pay every month, every three months or every year according to your choice.

But this one-to-one relationship can have some negative effects if the sponsor is too generous toward his sponsored child.

Indeed, the sponsor should consider that he (or she) "adopts" not only one child

but all the children of Volontariat.