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  Social Work
 Attending to the very many needs of the poor has always been Volontariat's priority.

 From the year of inception till today, Volontariat had been expanding its area of service along with the changing needs of the Community. With professionalism, we are trying to approach the Community with the modern concept of social work.

 Over all and sustainable development is our motto. And creating and providing job opportunities for the poor is the major task of the social workers. We try to tackle this problem by identifying suitable positions and helping them through referrals. Income generating projects of the individuals are also encouraged.


 Though Volontariat had been striving all these years to meet at least the basic needs of the Community, it has still not succeeded in providing a permanent solution to the housing problems of the poor .

 Since the houses are usually roofed with coconut thatch, they cannot withstand wind and rain. They have to be replaced every year.

 Every year before the monsoon, hundreds of people approach the organization to renovate their huts to protect them from rain. But there are financial constraints . Volontariat's dream is to provide a low cost solid house to every family it serves.


 Every year, Pondicherry witnesses heavy fall of rain which inundates the low lying areas, leaving no place for the people to sit or sleep. Fire accidents also very often completely burn the houses in an area adding to the misery of the people.

 Volontariat is always in the forefront to rescue these people and help them with food and other provisions. The doors of our Community Centre remain open to accommodate people during a crisis .


 Volontariat is trying to channelise resources to build a public toilet in each area and gradually help people to construct individuals toilets. Volontariat has a piece of land for the construction of a public toilet and is mobilizing resources for its construction.