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All the activities of Volontariat are based in different places around Pondicherry :

At OUPALAM, south of the city (Selva Nilayam, Shakti Vihar) :

"Prepare for tomorrow by living wisely today" is our goal, with education as the basis for development of the individual and community.

At DUBRAYPETH, sea coast (Atelier Shanti) :

"Help them to live with dignity" is our policy for the community of people cured of leprosy, still rejected by the public and sometimes disfigured and handicapped. They have been helped to have confidence in life and to earn a living through weaving on the handlooms.

At TUTTIPETH, 20km from Pondicherry (Tuttipakam farm - TTK) :

Land that was arid has been irrigated and improved with the hard work of 5 or 6 years. Organic fertilizers and pesticides are being used for the cultivation of rice, sugarcane, coconuts and fruits. This farm provides the food for the midday meal of 1200 children every day.


To make sure that the infants of today will blossom into adulthood and have a good future, we have to ensure that they are healthy, get education and are trained for jobs. Help given early in childhood is important both for the child and the family. For the aged destitute, we offer love, health care and nutrition.

In this area, there are 3 main offices :
- SELVA NILAYAM, where the administrative and account offices, the people's dispensary, the kitchen and the dining room are located; and more recently AMAIDI ILLAM, where elderly and physically handicapped persons are housed.
- SHAKTI VIHAR, a centre for the children, with crèche, nursery, kindergarten, classrooms for evening schools (homework help) and training workshops for adults (Carpentry, Painting, Bead jewelry and Incense Stick rolling units), and also the management of the sponsoring program.
- The COMMUNITY CENTRE which is composed of two large rooms (with audiovisual equipments) used for education programmes and sometimes for celebrations (weddings).


Varieties of cotton fabrics with bright and attractive colors are produced at ATELIER SHANTI (17 000 m/year) and an attached sewing section produces handicrafts ( bags, table cloths, embroidered articles...). Most of the production is exported in order to be sold by European support committees to the Volontariat, thanks to benevolent teams.

This workshop is a rehabilitation centre by weaving for disabled people, in particular cured lepers. It is composed of a weaving workshop and sewing and embroidery workshops. This rehabilitation work has allowed men and women in despair to live with dignity, even though the scars of their disease still exclude them from society.

At TUTTIPETH situated at 20km from Pondicherry :

- the TOUTTIPAKAM farm was created to participate to the green revolution. Today it covers the food needs of the organization. It's also a nice holiday place and seminar centre.

It provides some extra resource, and it is also a seminar and meeting centre. It now has a surface of 23 hectares of land - irrigated by deep wells that were dug and equipped partly through Indian and European co-financement, in order to help also the poor farmers on surrounding lands.